Wedding Guest 101: The Corset Dress

Wedding Guest 101: The Corset Dress

Ah, the magic of a Nigerian wedding—a vibrant celebration of love, culture, and impeccable style! As a guest, your outfit is more than just fabric; it’s a statement, a reflection of your personality and the joyous atmosphere.

The corset style though bold and for the audacious, has come to stay and doesn’t seem to be loosing its grip in the sight of slayers and fashion designers, as a matter of fact, this style has transcended the shores of the country and gone into the heart of almost every and any African interested in rocking it.

The corset style is of course not a new trend, however the reintroduction of the style into our present fashion scene and the intricate way at which our designers are able to blend tradition and African theme into each look is what we cannot get over anytime soon. Read Also: Body Shape: Embrace Your Style with Confidence

When you think you have seen a gorgeous piece, you only need a second scroll to find another stunning look that leaves you breathless. Though this trend has taken the fashion scene by storm and the complaint from some ladies who rock it on how it is difficult to breath or eat when rocking it, it has not for once hindered some others from rocking.

It is most definitely worth concluding that the stress of rocking this style trend is worth time and effort for some ladies as they are able to look snatched, accentuate their bodies and look picture perfect for the gram.

Below are more Photo inspiration of the trend that wowed us this week. Shop At EDIDEM

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