The Nigerian Beauty Scene And The Many Competitive Brands

The Nigerian Beauty Scene And The Many Competitive Brands: Can The Beauty/Makeup Industry Take Anymore Brand, And Will You Shop Local Or International?

I found myself trying hard to convince my aunt that the Mac powder and lipstick she uses can just as well be replaced with Nigerian brands like Dabota, House of Tara and Zaron, and that they are as good as the international brands out there but sadly i failed.

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Now why do you think that is? Simple a lot of us are of the opinion that anything Nigerian is not good, or that they can’t produce as good as the brands internationally, or better still a lot are not just comfortable with changes especially when it has to do with the skin.

But the above is not the issue/focus for this article, the focus is probably the most important question right now and that is “can the beauty world take anymore makeup brands”?.

The beauty industry has seen a transition of celebrities, beauty influencers and even makeup enthusiast dabble and take over the makeup business either by producing with their names or by collaborating with known makeup brands.

We have seen the successful release of Kim Kardashian West beauty, Kylie cosmetics and the beast Fenty take over the beauty industry – and influencers/celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Cardi b and Amrezy launch a collaboration with brands like Mac, Anastacia Beverly and Maybeline which were also successful and sold out.

The Nigerian Beauty Scene

Nigerian Beauty Scene

Now fast forward to the Nigerian Beauty Scene, brands like House of Tara, Zaron, Kudy cosmetics and Dabota cosmetics have made name for themselves and have passed every beauty requirement needed, even our celebrities and beauty influencers like Chika Ike, Beauty by AD, Bm Pro, Mercy Aigbe’s daughter Michelle, Toyin Abraham and a host of others have released their line and now joining the list is Toke Makinwa

Hence the question, can we take anymore brands? Are we even willing to switch from international house hold names like Mac to international celebrities and influencers? are we even ready to try our Nigerian celebrities and influencers?

I ask this questions because in the end all this brands seem to create the same lipstain colour, texture of powder/foundation and eye colour of pallet, so to me what’s the difference. Am i just buying for the names now, or for the quality (cause all are now at affordable luxury) or cause it’s my favourite celebrity or influencer?

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