How To Style A Red Outfit Like The It Girl

How To Style A Red Outfit Like The It Girl

I don’t know why but I feel like you do not like playing with colours especially when it comes to rocking cloths. Yes you sis! I’m talking to you.

I won’t pretend I don’t know why, because truly I do and I used to be in your shoes till I took the bull by its horn and said to myself “fuck it” I’m doing this.

So to begin with, I want you to hold the bull by its horn, slay through my tutoring and pepper us on the gram with your looks, secondly I’m going to split the ways to begin rocking colours and slaying with it like a pro. 

You know how all those exercise apps that I only follow once in 50 decade, split the routine into BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE AND EXPERT? Yep sis that’s how I will be showing you your way to colour slaying your outfits.

The red colour is a primal colour, it is the alpha of all colours and makes simple outfit stand out, it also has the power to make bold statements in an outfit.

It can get tricky when you want to rock an all red outfit, but as tricky as it can be that is also how easy it is to scale through if you follow few key rules. 

THE BEGINNER’S LEVEL: the red colour can be intense and dramatic, but you can keep things chic, trendy and stylish by;

1. Choosing a darker shade of red like wine or burgundy 

2. Consider your skin tone

3. If you are not ready to go monotone(all red look) then use as a statement by rocking as little as a scarf, or manicure, or lipstick

4. You can also rock it by infusing it into your outfit, like a red shirt and denim or red pant and top

THE INTERMEDIATE LEVEL: the colour red symbolises fire, desire, drama, power, status, danger, lust, love, romance and it can be incorporated by;

1. Considering your skin tone 

2. Changing the texture or colour of the red eg a lighter shade of red shirt with a darker shade of red pant

3. Breaking off your all red look with other neaural colour like your shoe, bag or jewelry 

3. Breaking off your all red look with other neaural colour like your shoe, bag or jewelry. Read Also: 5 Reason Why You Should Own An Oversized Blazer Today

THE EXPERT LEVEL: if you make it to this stage then congratulations FASHIONISTA, because this stage is not for the faint hearted at all, here you get to;

1. play around with other bold colour by mixing and matching with the colour red.

2. Going all red without breaking off with other colours

With the tips above, you should be able to rock your bold colours fearlessly, and you can also try with other bold colours apart from the colour red

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Other bold colour slay to try


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