5 Reason Why You Should Own An Oversized Blazer Today

5 Reason Why You Should Own An Oversized Blazer

I am all about Versetility when it comes to fashion, by this I mean I like when one particular outfit can fit into every and any season and occasion cause I mean! that has got to be the best minimalistic style you can gift yourself. And what better outfit to fit into this description? Oh yes! You got it right, it’s the OVERSIZED BLAZER. This trend has been on since last year and it is in no way fading off, so it’s time to jump on the trend now. 

5 Reason Why You Should Own An Oversized Blazer

There used to be a time when wearing blazer meant you have got some serious work to deal with or attend to, but no more. This trend has shown and proven it can stand through any season and time, and can be as fun as you want it to be. It has managed to cut through the business outfit and transition into street wear style as well, so you do not have to worry about how to style it to look casual because that is why I am here. All you have to remember is to to have fun when trying to rock this look.

So before getting down to why you should own this piece of heaven in your wardrobe, i feel you must first know the difference between an oversized Blazer which is the subject matter and a woman’s boyfriend blazer. An oversized Blazer is actually men’s blazer that women wear and are boxy while a boyfriend blazer is cut like a moderate version of the trend we are talking about and it gives more feminine and slender silhouette. 

Because the oversized Blazer is a man’s clothing, you can add feminine accessories to soften and feminize the outfit. Do not presume to buy a bigger size of the boyfriend blazer because even if you do, it still won’t give you that boxy feel the oversized Blazer would.

And now 5 reasons to own an oversized Blazer

1. It can be worn in all season

2. It can never go out of fashion, it is here to stay

3. It gives a relaxed and effortlessly chic look 

4. It is versatile (you can style with shorts, skirts, a pair of denim or trousers, long or short dresses and even as two piece)  

5. It transform you into that expensive and classy chic

Although it is still a go to slay for work wear, it does not change the fact that influencers and fashion lovers alike have found fresh and chic ways to make it street wear worthy. Read Also: Deluxe Living: Unveiling the Intricacies of Luxury vs. Affordable Luxury


No matter your style, trust me the oversized Blazer will give you that EXTRA you need. It is usually found in men’s section,and you should get small or medium size when getting one or borrowing from your boyfriend/husband because men’s sizes are usually larger than women. 


1. Look for men’s blazer in a size that fits you

2. It is advisable to start with nude tones before going bolder with your colours, but if you are daring then you can start with a bold colour

3. If the silhouette is boxy and not fitted then that is the right blazer, take it

Nothing is off limit when rocking this piece of clothing, you can rock it as a chic street style look or elevate your style into a business casual look. Here are more pictures to inspire you. 

Style as a dress

style with jean/trouser

Style with skirt

Style with biker shorts/normal shorts

Style with 2 piece/matching colour

Style with a dress

Simply style by draping over your outfit

Still not convinced? Tell me why! But if you are, you should definitely try it out and let me know how it went. Shop at Edidem

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